How to Upholster a Motorcycle Seat?


Working on updating your motorcycle and have all the mechanics covered, but feel a little shaky on upholstering the motorcycle seat? Don't panic. To upholster the seat you will need a new seat cover, allen key, pry bar, staple gun, pliers, and a flat head screwdriver. Check out this link for your detailed instructions to help you upholster a motorcycle seat.
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How to Upholster a Motorcycle Seat
The upholstery cover on a motorcycle seat adds style to the bike along with added protection to the rider. If the stock seat cover is getting old and worn, you should put a new cover on. Or you could change the cover to add your own personal touch. While... More »
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Reupholstering your motorcycle seat is surely to come up from time to time, either by accident or normal wear and tear. You will need to decide if this is a job to complex for you to do, and if that is the case, you'll contract a body worker to repair it. If you choose to repair it on your own pay very careful attention to your guidelines and use quality materials.
If you are looking to upholster a motorcycle seat, remove the old seat. Next, you have to purchase a cover that is specifically designed to the make and model of your bike. You can find more info at:
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1. Disconnect the seat from the motorcycle. Fold back the seat's rear flap to find the two screws holding it in place. Remove the screws with an Allen key (usually 5-millimeter size
Reupholstering automobile seats is a relatively easy project. It is also one that auto detailers charge a large profit for. You will need to shop around to find automobile upholstery
Understand that BART was cutting-edge technology at the time it was built. There were some things that everyone thought would be fantastic that turned out to not work so well. For
Most go with poly foam, some go with a gel pad. The trick is how you secure the cover. On a metal pan I'd go with a riveted side. Maybe talk to some guys who do seats to get an idea
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1. Remove the seat pan from the motorcycle by unscrewing it from the bike using a flat head screwdriver. Retain the screws for reassembling the seat pan later. ...
You can upholster a seat cushion by yourself even if you make mistakes. You will need the fabric cut to the appropriate size, batting, foam and the seat, along ...
A good article on how to upholster a bench seat can be found on the SFGATE website. They have a guide with every step as well as more tutorials if this one doesn't ...
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