How to Use a Cast Net?


Casting a net is one of the best tools for catching your own bait. You can also cast for shrimp and large fish. There are easy to use bait nets for sale at most tackle shops. For more information look here:;
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Slip throw line and cast netthrough hand loop tighten around arm, grab net ring, lead line, rotate, relaese and let sink to desired depth.
1. Open the net on a flat surface outside. Open it up to see the full circle and where the weights are located around the outer edge. Find the long cast rope and loop. Slide the loop
1 Attach the loop of the hand line to your left wrist. Most cast nets should come with a hand loop that's adjustable. You'll want this to be cinched down fairly tight and secured.
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There were three types of nets that they used to cast into the sea in the days of Jesus. The names of these nets are a drag net, a cast net, and a trammel net. ...
According to Alabama Law, a license is not required if you are going to catch Mullet using cast nets when it is solely for recreational purposes. However, you ...
Cheap cast nets are made from very weak mono-filament and are totally unsuited to rocky terain. To throw a cast net, you first have to untangle the net, that is, ...
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