How to Use a Come along?


A come-along is a ratchet lever winch device that winds a rope or cable around s pool. It has a break to keep it from unwinding. To use it find a strong anchor, often this is a tree or heavy vehicle. Wrap and secure the rope or cable around the object to be moved. Move the lever to start pulling the object about 1 to 3 inches per motion of the lever. Repeat as much as is needed. There is a button or switch with a cog to release the tension. You can find more information here:
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1. Walk to one of the fence posts and attach the back end of the come-along to it by wrapping the back wire on the tool around the post once or twice and then connecting the hook
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A come along is an easy tool to use. This tool is used to level off freshly poured concrete. It is designed to be worked in push and pull motion, spreading the concrete
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