How to Use a Compass for Kids?


To use a compass for kids, you need to make them understand about east, west, north, and south. Then, you have to give them the idea about magnetism. You must keep showing them how to use a compass by using different locations.
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1. The cardinal directions on a compass. Look at a compass. It has four cardinal directions: North(N) South(S) East(E) and West(W) There are also the additional directions northeast
In Boy Scouts we taught the kids to remember NESW (north, east, south, west) by the acronym "Never Eat Shredded Wheat.
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How to Use a Compass for Kids
Using a handheld compass is a fun and easy way to learn about navigating on land using geographical directions and how to search for and find a particular spot. You can also use a compass and map to figure out how to get from one specific place to... More »
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