How to Use a Digital Clamp Meter?


Digital clamp meters are devices that are used to measure the field induced by the current flowing through a circuit. To use the device, first remove power from the circuit and isolate the wire carrying the current. Then, open the clamp, tie it around the wire and set the digital meter to read the current type. Finally, return the power to the circuit and read the display on the screen.
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1. Remove power from the circuit, if possible. Working on a hot circuit involves extra risk to the user and all equipment involved. 2. Isolate a wire carrying the current you wish
A digital clamp meter is a meter that works from clamping over the wires. YOu dont actually have to cut or bare the wire.
The first step in learning how to use an ohm meter is to plug the test leads into the sockets. If necessary, zero the meter. Touch one probe to one end of the circuit, and another
1. Press the button on the amp probe meter to zero it. Set the meter to either a 0-10 or 0-20 amp scale. 2. Clip the meter onto the wire or cable once the screen reads "0. 3.
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How to Use a Digital Clamp Meter
Using a digital clamp meter is an uncomplicated and safe way to measure current in a circuit. Unlike regular meters, the clamp type does not put the meter into the circuit, but measures the field induced by a current passing through the clamp. It is... More »
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