How to Use a Fish Stringer?


A fish stringer is a place to keep fish as you continue to catch them. The stringer can be metal and needs to be anchored to something in the water. Fish are added to the stringer by running the stringer through the gill of the fish.
Q&A Related to "How to Use a Fish Stringer?"
Stringer fish is not a type of fish, stringer fish is used to describe a unique line
Get the end with the sharp point and slide it behind and under the gills and out the mouth. Then slide it through the ring and pull it till its snug. Tie the loose end to something
Hi Steve, Can you tell me which episode you are speaking of? The opening scene/credits do not have Opie with a string of fish (b&w or color) but only Opie and Andy walking with
i left out that i only keep smaller ones as in 1-8 pounds er so there not big enough to twist up the stringer but since you mentioned that i'll have to agree with you i do notice
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