How to Use a Fish Stringer?


A fish stringer is a place to keep fish as you continue to catch them. The stringer can be metal and needs to be anchored to something in the water. Fish are added to the stringer by running the stringer through the gill of the fish.
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1. Tie a rope snug around your waist with an overhand knot for wade fishing. Tie the rope to a boat cleat or shore anchor for boat and shore fishing. Leave a 4-foot lead on the rope
If you want any answers, i would be more specific and expand on your qu estion. but heres how you use a normal fish stringer. take the metal rod. put it into the fishes mouth and
How to put a fish on a stringer: Thread the stringer under the chin and through
Speckled trout and redfish are common quarry for anglers using popping corks, but they can also be used to catch other salt water species that hunt in relatively shallow water, including
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