How to Use a Line Level?


If you are going to use a line level you must be doing some kind of surveying. Make sure you start on a 0 plane, meaning your not slanted up or down, which could skew your measurements. With the two sights in view of each other, align your contact points and you have your first measure. Repeat until finished.
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1. Choose the placement of your project and align the level at the desired height. Ensure your wall is free of any frames or window coverings, and pull furniture away from the wall
1. Clean the object you want to paint by wiping it with a damp rag or cloth. If the object has grime or oil stains, use a household cleaner to remove the stains. 2. Place a tarp or
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1. Locate an area in the room that will allow the laser to have an unobstructed path to the area in which drywall is being installed. 2. Set the laser up in the determined area. Setting
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How to Use a Line Level
A line level is a tool you can use to project a straight line on a wall, floor or ceiling. It creates a laser line, usually about 10 feet long, at the same level around a room. Use this line to ensure a straight row of pictures, even paint borders and... More »
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