How can you use a multi-gym?


Multi-gyms, also called home gyms or universal machines, allow people to perform various toning exercises aside from bodybuilding, according to The Nest. They're used with less resistance and quicker reps for an efficient toning workout.

The Nest recommends studying the manufacturer's instructions to learn how to use the machine safely, especially in circuit-training workouts. Trainers should take a look at the machine and its different components and learn how to adjust the weight or resistance settings. If the bench is adjustable, trainers should move it and do a few reps of every exercise they plan to include in their workout.

After familiarizing with the mechanics of the machine, multi-gym users should warm up for several minutes by doing dynamic movements, says The Nest. Some good arm, leg and core movements are jumping jacks, butt kicks, arm circles and arm swings.

Multi-gym users should perform routines using light resistance to avoid muscle fatigue, which often causes people to take long breaks. The Nest advises using resistance that allows for fast repetitions that can be performed without stopping for up to 90 seconds. Muscle fatigue can be avoided by taking a short break between exercises and alternately performing upper-body, lower-body and core exercises. For multi-gyms with a movable bench and cables, trainers can perform several minutes of rowing while sitting, lying or kneeling.

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