How to Use a Pipe Bender?


To use a pipe bender first determine the proper degree of bend you need for the pipe. Insert the pipe into the bender. The exact centre of the 180-degree half-circle is where the centre of the bend in the pipe will occur. Leverage the bender and pipe against the ground. Remove the pipe from the pipe bender once it is at the specified degree you need it bent to.
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1. Determine the proper degree of bend you need for the pipe. With a protractor, measure the old pipe's bend angle by placing the center of the protractor's flat bottom on the center
If there is a task at home that needs you to bend a pipe, calling a professional can be your first impulse. However, are you really ready to pay $20 or so for the labor and services
1. Purchase an ebauchon from a pipe-making supply shop. An ebauchon is a piece of briar in a rough block and ready to be worked. You can choose plateaux briar instead, which is a
1. Choose the diameter for your water well pipe. PVC is available in a variety of diameters; however, most residential drinking water and irrigation water wells are two to six inches
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How to Use a Pipe Bender
Knowing how to bend pipe can be a very valuable skill. Professional mechanical pipe bending costs a minimum of $20, including the labor. Bending pipe yourself isn't difficult if you use the proper techniques. The pipe bender itself is a self-explanatory... More »
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