How to Use a Propane Smoker?


A propane smoker allows one the luxury of smoking meats in one's own courtyard. To use it, hook up the propane tank to the smoker and open the valve to connect to the hose, then open the door to the smoker by turning it about 90 degrees. Remove the smoke box from the propane smoker and fill it with wood chunks, close the lid and return the smoke box to the wire harness. Fill the water box with half a gallon of water, and then ignite the propane causing sparks to the wood and you can start smoking the meat.
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Over 10 Million Propane Vehicles are used worldwide. Thanks for ask...
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How to Use a Propane Smoker
A propane smoker allows barbecue connoisseurs the luxury of smoking meats in their own backyards. Propane affords the convenience of a steady, reliable fire source, which gives the chef more time to concentrate on the most important aspect of using a... More »
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