How to Use a Pulley Puller?


In order to use a pulley puller you will need to first and foremost follow the manufacturers directions. With most generic pullers you can use them by setting them onto the pulley and engaging the grasping mechanism. Then you just pull.
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How to Use a Pulley Puller
Pulleys are typically pressed onto the shafts on which they mount. The outside diameter of the shaft is slightly larger than the inside diameter of the pulley hole, resulting in an interference or "press" fit that makes removal by hand impossible. Pulley... More »
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1. Set up the puller. Model-specific pullers will be ready to use, but the more common "generic" puller will have several options. Orient the puller fingers to pull on the
First remove any retaining bolts on the pulley, then position the tool so that the 3 ( typical ) arms are hooked behind the pulley and screw the center down to the bolt until snug
You will need a puller. Try autozone loan a tool.
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A gear puller is used to remove a pulley or any component. Before using the gear puller, the device should be checked first so as to maintain safety. Also, it ...
1. Study the parts. A power steering pulley puller consists of two half-parts that make up a split collar, a metal sleeve to retain the collar and a threaded bolt ...
1. Slacken the tension on the belts which surround the engine's lower pulley. The number of belts depends on the number of accessories powered by the engine, such ...
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