How to Operate a Satellite Finder.?


1. Use the RG6 cable to connect the satellite dish to the satellite finder. You will find the barrel connector underneath the satellite arm where you can make this connection. 2. Turn the satellite finder on. Depending on the model of the device, the
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How to Use a Satellite Finder
Determining where to point your satellite dish is an important step to acquire a strong satellite signal. A satellite finder will help you pinpoint your location to help you enjoy the best possible signal. The satellite signal meter allows you to test... More »
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use a compass. You need to know which satellite you are aiming for. Get it's position information from the web. Should give you the inclination/de-inclination angle (angle above horizon
If you are asking about what I think you are, they are actually fairly simple devices. They are basically a voltage controlled oscillator. You have to have a good idea of where the
FastSatfinder is a hi-tech tool that will help you to setup a satellite system and easily find the signal from a satellite. The program has many features, such as: reports the quality
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Use an RG6 cable to connect your satellite signal meter to your satellite dish. Loosen the nuts on the back and the side of your satellite dish. Adjust your satellite ...
1. Connect your satellite meter to your satellite dish with the RG6 cable. There will be a barrel connector underneath the satellite arm. 2. Adjust the satellite ...
You can use a satellite finder to locate satellites. You will need to enter your location then a satellite will located for you. To use a dish pointer calculator ...
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