How do I use a sextant?


To lean how to use a sextant you will first need the right equipment. A good telescope, an index mirror, a horizon mirror, shades for both the index mirror and the horizon mirror, an arc and a micrometer head are all needed for the sextant. You can find more information here:
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1. Place your right hand on the bubble sextant's right-hand handle and your left hand on the instrument's left-hand handle. The lower part of the device should be horizontal. 2. Look
Lewis and Clark did not use a sextant, instead they used what was called a "Hadley's quadrant" or octant which was a predecessor of the sextant. The octant was developed
Put the sextant on the horizon and aim at a body. Push
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How to Use the Sextant
A sextant measures the angle between the Earth's horizon and a celestial body. This angle, known as the altitude, can be used in a series of calculations to work out the user's latitude and longitude. Despite the advent of modern GPS systems, sextants... More »
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Do you know how to use a sextant? A sextant is used by holding it vertically using your right hand, and then you look through it. Make sure the horizon is in the horizon glass. You can find more information here:
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Even though Sir Isaac Newton invented the principles of the sextant, he never published his work. During the 18th century the sextant became the most important ...
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