How do you use a slim jim on a car with power locks?


If you lock yourself out of your car with power locks, a slim jim is not the best method. You can insert the slim jim between the seal and the window and pull up the bar that controls the door locks. It is not advisable to use it on power locks because it can easily damage the wiring.
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1. Press gently on the window of the door you wish to open to create a gap between it and the door. 2. Slide a rubber or soft plastic door stop into the gap to hold the gap while
If your vehicle has power door locks I advise against it. Forcing the mechanism with a slim Jim has a 99% probability of screwing up the power door lock system.
Find something around your home that is long, thin and made out of sturdy
Depends on the year. Some just do not open with the traditional slim Jim. Some you have to use a rod and physically hit the "unlock" on the door. Stick a wood wedge or an
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How to Use a Slim Jim on Power Locks
Using a slim jim on a car with power locks is a tricky proposition, and it's so difficult that most locksmiths recommend against even trying it. Tearing out wires and causing damage that requires expensive repairs are real possibilities. However, if you... More »
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You can still use a slim jim as you would in a normal car or truck as you would for power locks. You can still manually lock the doors but the power locks are just an added bonus.
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