How to Use a Solar Blanket?


A solar blanket is used by opening it up. Once unfolded, spread it across the item that needs to be warmed. People often use a solar blanket cover over their swimming pools.
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How to Use a Solar Blanket
If you live in the north or in a cold climate, the swimming pool season is short. You want to make the most of it, so using a solar blanket is a wise choice. It will extend the season and keep the pool water warm on cool nights. According to... More »
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1. Measure your pool. Measure the longest and widest parts of the pool. Include the steps. Your solar blanket is folded and usually in a box when you purchase it. Lay it out with
It's a polyvinyl cover that lays on top of a pool and keeps heat in.
I felt compelled to jump back into this discussion, especially in response to the LVpoolbuilder talking about "cement" and all of the crappy production pools being built
It works with 1,000's of tiny air pockets that collect & retain heat during the day,
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1. Measure your pool to determine the correct blanket to purchase. Solar blankets or covers are available in different sizes and shapes, and can be trimmed to ...
One of the main reasons someone uses a solar blanket is to stay warm. When the body temperature drops, wrapping yourself in one will immediately begin raising ...
1. Lay the solar blanket across the surface of the pool, bubble side down. 2. Smooth out the solar blanket to remove any wrinkles or ripples. 3. Leave the solar ...
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