How to Set up a Spinning Reel?


Start by winding the required sized fishing line onto the reel. Open the bail of the reel by pulling it to the side and then use its arbour knot to tie it to the spool. After you have closed the bail turn the handle to wind line onto the spool. Place the roller and bail wire control of the reel to the top of the spool and near the rod. Rotate the roller and bail. Pick the line from the reel with the fore finger holding the rod. Place the line between the finger and handle of the rod to prevent movement. Open the bail of the reel to allow the line to unwind freely off the spool. Holding the line with the fore finger prevents the line from un-spooling. Bring the rod back to the side and then forward again. As the rod approaches the direction in where the lure should go, release the fore finger and let the line to un-spool. When the lure reaches the water, close the spool by turning the handle of the reel. Retrieve the lure by turning the handle in a motion.
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1. Remove any line already on the reel. Attach your reel to your rod so you have your set-up. Get a small bowl and fill it up halfway with water. Remove the new spool of line from
1. Choose the right line. Stiff line will loop off and be unruly, giving you nothing but trouble. Choose a line that says it is limp and castable, and stay within the pound-test guidelines
baitcasters are heavy duty and can handle bigger fish and use heavyer baits. a baitcaster is like a winch where then a spinning reel is for a little bit ligher of lures and the rods
Don't fill whole spool, you usually need only about 50 yards of line for most fishing. Save money.
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How to Use a Spinning Reel
In order to cast a spinning reel, open the bale up, hold the rod with the right hand and the line with the index finger, leave a bit of line out, and then simply throw the line out. Discover how a spinning reel helps to prevent tangles with help from a... More »
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There are two different types of reel. One with a trigger one without. If casting with the trigger hold the trigger in until you cast the line. Then let the trigger go and the line will go out.
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It is not the easiest thing to do correctly. You will have to practice this one a few times. It is not difficult but it can be very trying. You can find more ...
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