How do you use a steering wheel puller?


You will want to start by pulling the horn assembly out. Under the horn there will be a large nut and two threaded holes. Remove this large nut and find the long bolts that came with your puller that will thread into the threaded holes. After you have placed the puller into place with the bolts tighten the center bolt of the puller until the steering wheel popes off.
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1. Place the arms of the steering wheel puller over the center hub of your steering wheel. 2. Thread the bolts that come with the steering wheel puller kit into the holes on your
On older cars it's simple. remove the center cap on the steering wheel and install 2 bolts through the puller into the wheel. Turn the center jacking screw and the wheel is removed
You place the big block in two halves behind the steering wheel, and the
The process of installing an aftermarket steering wheel on your car may not appear to be too complicated. However, there are a lot of small pieces that you have to keep track of,
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How to Use a Steering Wheel Puller
A steering wheel puller helps you to remove a steering wheel from your vehicle once you have pulled out the center nut. The puller grabs onto the center hub while a screw pushes the steering wheel off the steering column. If you do not already own a... More »
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To use a steering wheel puller, first remove the horn button, and the nut and lock washer. Attach the 3 bolts of the puller onto the steering wheel. Continue tightening until the steering wheel slides off.
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