How do you use a TJ Maxx gift card at Marshall's?


TJ Maxx offers two types of rewards credit cards through its owner company TJX. Customers can earn points by making purchases at TJX and other stores.
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1. Ask a Marshalls employee to check your T.J. Maxx gift card balance. Knowing your balance before you begin shopping will keep you from going over the card balance limit. 2. Select
For balance inquiry or customer service about your T.J. Mas Gift Card
Call the 1-800# on the back, see your pamphlet call TJ MAXX credit department.
Well, seeing as it is that store's gift card, I'm not sure if they would accept it any other place other than one store. But maybe you can go and check their website to see if they
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One can apply for a TJ Maxx credit card in store or online. The application is simple and approval is dependent on an individuals income and credit limit is dependent on credit worthiness. One can use the TJ Maxx credit card at TJ Maxx stores, Marshalls, and Home Goods.
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