How do you use a total station?


A total station is an instrument used to measure distance and location in surveying and archaeology. Set up the station by extending the tripod legs positioning it that the top is over the mark where you wish to work. Mount the instrument on the tripod using a plumb line to centre it adjusting it to get it over the mark. Shorten or lengthen each leg until the circular level is even. Adjust the two levelling screws to level the station until it is between the two lines. Turn the station a quarter and use the third screw to make the final adjustment. Turn it several times to ensure it stays level and centred in any direction.
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1. Use a mallet to drive a wooden stake into the ground in the middle of the area you want to survey and place the Total Station tripod directly above this hub stake. 2. Move each
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there are many total station machine with different specification. now gps, robotic total station available they work with one person. easy way to survey of land.
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How to Use a Total Station
A total station is an instrument used in surveying and archaeology that yields exact measurements of distance and location. While a total station is a complex instrument, the basics of setting it up and using it are straightforward.... More »
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