How to Use a Turkey Call?


Learning how to use a turkey call is easy. All you will need is a few basic tools being: a strong set of lungs and a diaphragm mouth call. For more information look here: Using a turkey call ;
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How to Use a Turkey Call
Turkey hunting requires calling in the birds. While domesticated turkeys are idiotic, wild turkeys are a crafty prey. Calling to turkeys takes practice and a good turkey call. Proper use of turkey calls will increase the likelihood of a successful turkey... More »
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Young turkeys are called poults, and they are very dependent on the mother turkey for protection, shelter and food. The poults often can be found sleeping under their mother's wings
1. Place the 1/4 inch thick wood sheet on your working surface. Use a wood saw to cut a wooden rectangle approximately 1 3/4 inches wide and 6 inches long. This rectangle will serve
Make a turkey call with a box made of wood. Use a wooden paddle that you've attached a coil spring to. Insert this inside the box, and when you blow, the spring will rattle, creating
1 Study turkeys and the types of calls they make, so you can better imitate them. . Recognize that turkeys are social animals. Turkeys gather and travel in groups and make noises
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To use turkey calls to make word sounds use your mouth and push air out of it. Good words to use are Cluck, Yelp, Purr. Do not be to loud or you will scare the ...
Learning how to use turkey mouth calls can take lots of time and practice. There are many different mouth pieces that you can learn on. The reed ones are the easiest ...
1. Place the call in your mouth so the rounded end faces your throat and the flat end faces outward. 2. Use your tongue to move the call about halfway back in ...
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