How to Use a USB Bluetooth Dongle?


To use a USB Bluetooth dongle; insert it into your PC or laptop, click Next to install the blue tooth drivers, and then right click on the blue tooth and select the Add a Bluetooth Device option. Next, press the button on the device to make it discoverable, put a check in the box for my device is discoverable and turned on. After that, click next and wait for the system to find the device. Finally, clock Finish to exit the Wizard and begin using the Bluetooth dongle.
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1. Locate a free USB port on your laptop and insert the USB dongle. 2. Start your laptop and wait for the operating system to load. When the operating system loads you should see
you just plug in dongle, winxp/vista/7 ubuntu/other will automatically detect device and install drivers. If you want more advanced options then install bluesoleil.
To use a Motorola Bluetooth, you have to have a cellphone or device that is Bluetooth capable. Refer to your Bluetooth's manual to find out how to sync it with your phone or laptop.
The safest way to remove a usb bluetooth dongle is to close applications run by it & Eject it from Ur PC,the notification Area on DeskTop will show a USB Dongle Icon which can
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How to Use Bluetooth USB Dongle
Laptops that do not have a Bluetooth adapter built into the machine can add connectivity for a device, such as a mouse, by using a USB Bluetooth dongle. A dongle will add the ability to connect any type of Bluetooth device to your laptop without having... More »
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A Bluetooth USB Dongle is a small computer hardware device that enables the transfer of data between a myriad of devices. The Dongle simply plugs into one of the USB portals in a computer and when you click a button, it connects, allowing the desired data transfers.
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A Bluetooth dongle is an adapter used on non-Bluetooth enabled computers to connect wirelessly to a Bluetooth device. Most dongles plug into a USB port. A Bluetooth ...
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The easiest way to add Bluetooth to a laptop that does not have it already built in is by a Bluetooth adapter. Bluetooth adapters connect via USB and are generally ...
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