How to Use a Vibrating Ring?


Use a vibrating ring during sexual activity to change up the sensations for both parties. Make sure the battery is inserted and the ring is working before use. The typical method for using a vibrating ring involves sliding it onto the penis until it reaches the shaft. If condoms are being used, put those on before the ring. Use of the ring will create vibrations that often feel pleasurable to both parties, but some men report loss in sensation due to the pressure.
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It usually refers to a battery operated mechanical device that is attached to a male's penis in order to enhance sexual gratification for the female during intercourse.
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Actually the answer to this kind of question is best left to the instructions that came with your product, we can't go into detail on some subjects and this is one of them.
Many people enjoy using a vibrating ring. Its very simple to use. All you have to do is put it around the base of your penis and turn it on. It will tickle your penis and balls and pleasure her as well.
To use a vibrating ring, you will want to put it on the penis before sex in a way that will stimulate the clitoris of your partner. Turn the ring on and proceed to have intercourse with your partner.
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