How to Use a Voodoo Doll?


To use a voodoo doll, you need to concentrate on each colour of pins. Each colour signifies a different thing. Then, take the pin and stick it into dollÕs stomach area for a wish to come true.
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Voodoo dolls can be made out of natural cotton fabrics. Two identical human figures are drawn on a piece of cloth and cut out using scissors. The two cloth pieces are sewn together
1. Take each pin and concentrate on the color symbolism. Each color has a different meaning: Red | Power. Yellow | Money. Green | Tranquility. Blue | Love. Purple | Spirituality.
Cake, my friend. Cake.
During ancient times voodoo dolls were used for protection & were also used to destroy
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How to Make & Use a Voodoo Doll
It is a common misconception that Voodoo Dolls are used primarily to place a hex on someone or to exact revenge on enemies. In truth, Voodoo dolls are used to represent the spirit of a particular person, and the pins are used primarily to target positive... More »
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The colors of the pin heads with a voodoo doll symbolize different things. The 7 colors are white-positive, yellow-success, purple-spirituality, red-power, blue-love ...
Some of the requirements you need to make a voodoo doll include strong sticks, spanish moss, beads to use as eyes and tacky glue. You can also find other materials ...
The art of making vodoo dolls or poppets comes from the African Voodoo religion. If you want to know how to make your own voodoo doll, then you should be aware ...
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