How to Use an Ab Roller?


The Ab Roller is one of the easiest exercise machines on the market. Be sure to do lots of different stretches to stretch all of your muscles out and your don't damage or hurt any of them. For more information look here: Instructions on using the ab roller;
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1. Take out the two curved arm bars and insert one into each end of the overhead support bar. Insert the small screws so that the screw heads face up when the Ab Roller is placed
1. Get down on the floor on your hands and knees. Place a pillow or folded up blanket under your knees. Ad. 2. Grip the ab roller with both hands. 1. Contract your abs. Roll yourself
Valeo Dual Ab Roller Exercise Wheel costs $9.99 on
In 1994 the Ab Roller was first introduced at a fitness show to rave reviews and large audiences. It was so popular that one company offered $25,000 and a 5% stake for it but was
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How to Use an Ab Roller
Having strong abdominal muscles is an important to your overall health, as weak abdominal muscles are often a major factor in chronic back pain. In addition, your abdominal muscles help you to maintain good posture. However, for many people typical... More »
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Ab rollers work though the key to their effectiveness is consistency. Ab rollers are often used interchangeably with sit ups though this is wrong as ab rollers ...
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