How is an atlas used?


Choose an atlas that has the information you are needing to find out about. Determine the layout of the atlas, study the key to the maps, use the table of contents and reference the index. If you can get familiar with atlases then you will find that they are pretty easy to read and very useful.
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1. Choose a basic reference atlas for a general overview of the area covered. You may want an atlas that focuses on, for example, North America, the world, or a specific state or
A Road Atlas by basic definition is a map or a set of maps that displays roads and transport links in a particular country or area. Having a US Road Atlas and knowing how to read
there used for finding latitudenal and longitudnal areas of a place in the world
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An atlas is a large group of maps. To use an atlas, you would determine what city, state, or country you like to look at. Use the glossary in the atlas to determine what page to turn to in the atlas.
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The dictionary definition means the Titan who was forced by Zeus to bear the sky on his shoulders. It is a book of illustrations or diagrams on any subject. The ...
An atlas is a collection of maps from different regions of the earth. They are traditionally bound in forms of books and they define various regions and areas ...
A book of maps is referred to as an atlas because an atlas was a Greek god who allegedly held up the earth on his shoulders. He is normally represented by the ...
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