How to Use an Atlas?


Choose an atlas that has the information you are needing to find out about. Determine the layout of the atlas, study the key to the maps, use the table of contents and reference the index. If you can get familiar with atlases then you will find that they are pretty easy to read and very useful.
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An atlas is a large group of maps. To use an atlas, you would determine what city, state, or country you like to look at. Use the glossary in the atlas to determine what page to turn to in the atlas.
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Atlas was the leader of the Titans until Zeus set his punishment of holding up the pillars that keep the earth and the heavens apart after the war between them an the Olympians.
1. Choose a basic reference atlas for a general overview of the area covered. You may want an atlas that focuses on, for example, North America, the world, or a specific state or
Atlas - a collection of maps in different parts of the world.
I think my habit of hoarding atlases is finally about to come in useful! I am a bit of a geography anorak so when it comes to the political geography maps, all the countries/borders
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