How to Use an Avent Bottle Warmer?


To use an avert bottle warmer, fill the warmer with water, place the baby's bottle in the water and switch on the power. The warmer has a neon light which grows once the bottle contents are adequately warm.
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1. Wash your Avent bottle before you begin to use it. You need to do this even if the bottle is brand new. A little dish soap is all you need. Just make sure you rinse the bottle
Baby bottle warmers are sold at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, MySupermarket, Overstock, Albee Baby, BabyEarth, Walgreens, and Stork Landing.
1 Do the math. Determine how much your bottle can hold, divide that by three then multiply by 2; Fill a microwave-safe bowl with that much water. Microwave it on high 1 minute then
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