How to Use an Avent Bottle Warmer?


To use an avert bottle warmer, fill the warmer with water, place the baby's bottle in the water and switch on the power. The warmer has a neon light which grows once the bottle contents are adequately warm.
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1. Rinse out the used bottle with soapy water, and scrub it with a bottle brush to clean off any caked-on milk or formula before sterilizing the bottle. 2. Slide the central stem
Baby bottle warmers are sold at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, MySupermarket, Overstock, Albee Baby, BabyEarth, Walgreens, and Stork Landing.
1. Clean your bottle thoroughly before its first use. When using the dishwasher, place your bottle on the top shelf, away from the heating element. 2. Wash out your bottle after every
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Wick scented oil refill simply means removing the old fragrance bottle and inserting a new one into the warmer by pressing it inuntil a click sound is heard. ...
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