How to Use an Electric Crepe Maker?


There are two types of electric crepe maker and they all work differently. For example, to use the Dip Type of the electric crepe maker, prepare your recipe one hour before cooking and plug the crepe maker in the socket. Preheat the machine for about three minutes and then flip it over. Put the prepared recipe on a cooking stick and spread it on the machine. Let it cook for some time before removing it from the machine.
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You can use a electric crepe maker to make pancakes, French toast, and gas house eggs.
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How to Use an Electric Crepe Maker
There isn't a better way to start the day than with light and fluffy crepes. Crepes are lighter than pancakes and paper thin, yet can be stuffed with any variety of fillings from cream cheese to strawberry compote to chicken and bell peppers. An electric... More »
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