How to Bondo?


Bondo is a filling agent that is used in repairing automobiles and boats. It is applied in coats using a putty knife, much like drywall putty and then sanded. To find more information click here:
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How to Use Bondo
Bondo is an excellent repair product that's most commonly known as a body filler for rusty or dented vehicles, although it can be used on other items. It can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, from wood to metal to fiberglass, and can be used to... More »
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1. Use a putty knife to clear loose or rotting wood debris from the area to be filled. If the area is still damp after removing debris, let it dry thoroughly before applying Bondo
1 Cut a thick piece of cardboard about 6 by 6 inches (15. 24 cm by 15.24 cm). Alternatively, you can mix it on particle board or buy an inexpensive pad of disposable plastic sheets
Bondo is a type of putty used for body repair on vehicles. More questions? ChaCha is here for you 24/7!
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Bondo is used to repair damages or fill holes that are done on a vehicle. To use bondo you have to mix it properly. You must make sure that the area is thoroughly ...
You use bondo to repair dents or cracks on a car or even on some appliances. After properly preparing the area that needs repair, you will need to mix a small ...
1. Remove all rust from the intended area(s). 2. Drill holes into the areas requiring Bondo. This will give the Bondo something to “hold” onto after ...
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