How do you use Dentrix?


Dentrix is a helpful software program designed for the use of dentists. It helps then in keeping records of patients, checkups, appointments, and so on. To use Dentrix, check out the manual or the tutorials first. With this, proper usage of the software will be done.
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1. Add the staff member to Dentrix. Employers must set up the time clock for each employee individually, so open up the Office Manager module on the main toolbar. Click on "Maintenance
Dentrix software helps utilize and make systems run smoothly increasing profitability, and running a more efficient and less time consuming system. Many dentists have incorporated
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How to Use Dentrix
Dentrix is a helpful software program designed specifically for use in a dentist's office to keep track of patients, checkups, appointments, billing and patient information. Dentrix can be complicated to use and get used to, so it is important you learn... More »
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