How to Use Flexi Rod Curlers?


To use Flexi-Rod Curlers, wash or dampen hair. Roll hair on rod and secure by twisting rod. Leave on overnight until hair dries. You can cover with a bonnet if you wish. When dried, unwind and style.
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Walgreens, Rite Aid, Costco, Walmart & Target too, just look where they have the regular rollers. Ebay and Amazon have them too it'll just take longer for you to get them. They
1. Wash your hair thoroughly, condition it with a moisturizing conditioner and wring it out slightly. Do not towel dry your hair, as it needs to be nearly soaking wet. 2. Apply a
You use them like any other rollers. You hold them on the tips, making sure not to burn yourself. Then you would roll them up and bend the rollers inward. Wait for them to cool, the
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To roll hair with flexi rods, apply a leave-on conditioner after washing hair. Take small portions of hair and roll on to the flexi rod. Leave the rods overnight ...
There are various methods to roll hair with flexi rods. Visit your local library or hairdresser to learn more about the methods. You can also search the internet ...
Secure the ends of your hair first by wrapping them around the rod twice. Spiral the rod closer to the scalp until the opposite end of the rod is meets your scalp ...
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