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If you wish to use the iphone kindly refer to the manual kit that comes with the phone. Alternatively you can check online at apple for instructions on how to use it, please note that you will be required to key in your phone's serial number before you can access the manual.
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The iphone has many applications such as networking sites like facebook and twitter. It also has iSMS which is a communication application that will diversify your messaging by giving you an email like interface. It also has Scramboni online multiplayer word game which is a word game that puts you up against other users in real time in a race to unscramble the words that are provided and iphone also has the Open SSH application that gives you the ability to tap into the mobile web with your laptop using the access of your iphone.
Using an iPhone is as simple as either using it as a phone directly which only requires you dial a number. Most of the functionality is through the touch screen interface which allows you to launch applications.
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Putting ringtones on your iphone cost money. You have to go through itunes and download them. They range in prices, depending on how old the songs are.
Wondering what is an iPhone, exactly? Apple's successful contribution to the cell phone industry rolls up features common to cell phones and multimedia devices and packs them into
1. Press the "Home" button to open the iPhone's home screen. Tap the "Voice Memos" app. If you have grouped apps together, tap the "Utilities" stack,
1. Download and install an audio recording program such as Audacity, which is a free software application available at 2. Plug one end of the auxiliary cable
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1. Turn on the iPhone by pressing down on the top button for five seconds. This will initiate the startup procedure much like on your computer, though much shorter ...
1. Start by opening the iPhone Wallet Case and examining the many options of storage you have to choose from. 2. Place your drivers license into the appropriate ...
1. Connect your iPhone to your computer as you would when you want to sync it. 2. Click your iPhone's name under "Devices" on the left side of iTunes ...
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