How to Use Manicure Tools?


There are different tools in a manicure kit, and each of the tools has its own use. For instance, the nail clipper is used to clip the nails when they get to long to file. The cuticle pusher and nipper are used to remove the build-up dead skin around your nail. Finally, the nailbrush is used to gleam the nails and give them a presentable look.
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How to Use Manicure Tools
Tools used for a manicure include a cuticle nipper, which nips loose skin in the cuticle area, a fingernail clipper, which snips the free edge of the nail and a cuticle pusher, which pushes back the cuticle into the nail bed. Learn to use manicure tools,... More »
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1. Wash the manicure tools with warm, soapy water. After you wash them, soak them in a sanitizer to kill any bacteria that may be present on the tools. Pour 1 part bleach to 4 parts
Knowing how to perform a manicure is a necessity for any fashionable woman. The knowledge does you little good, though, if you don't have the tools required. You may be able to cheat
nail clipper, file, buffer.
That thing is if you cut your cuticles. You put the prong things on the base of the nail and cut along where your cuticle is. It gets rid of that thick skin between your finger and
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To manicure fingernails you need to get a cuticle tool, nail clippers, and a buffing pad. Using the clippers you need to trim the nails into the shape you like ...
Many people who get manicures on a regular basis also get infections. Bacterial or viral infections to the nail bed or cuticle can happen when tools are not properly ...
There are several simple tools needed for a home manicure and pedicure. At a minimum, you will need a medium to soak the nails and feet, clippers, and a wood ...
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