How to Use Nitrous in Drag Racer V3?


To use nitrous in Drag Racer V3, first choose the 'Tuner Mode' in the the main menu when you start the game. Next, go to the Store, go to Parts, then Parts Source, then Performance Parts, and finally Nitrous. Buy the nitrous, install it to your car, then press the 'N' button while racing to use it.
Q&A Related to "How to Use Nitrous in Drag Racer V3?"
1. Select the car you wish to add Nitrous to from the "Garage" section of "Drag Racer V3. 2. Go to "Store, select "Parts, and click the arrow next to "
on your keyboard just push N.
Have to buy it and during the game there's a blue button in the bottom left corner.
Press the "N" button when you are racing in Drag Racer
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