How to Use Rampant Rabbit?


To use a rampant rabbit, you should get used to the control button first. They can provide amazing sexual pleasure if you handle them well. To get more information, visit
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a rampant rabbit is a very fun sex toy that me and my homies like to use all the time when were not f*ing our hoes. and im only twelve. i just love the p*y!
great fantastic brilliant they don't snore they don't break wind they don't ask you to do things you don't want to and they are always willing to please you BUY ONE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE
That would depend on which one you liked best. It will not feel the same to different people.
RAMPANT RABBIT ELITE. For girls who prefer slimline to girth, the brand new Rampant Rabbit Elite Vibrator. Available for 35 GBP from Ann Summers. report this answer. Updated on Friday
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