How do you use sai?


The Sai is an Okinawan weapon that is normally used in pairs. It is the only weapon used in karate that wasn't originally a farm tool. To know how to use a sai, go to:
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danzo mati sebab tercekik tulang.
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How to Use Sai
Sai are Okinawan weapons used in pairs. It is the only weapon used in karate that wasn't originally a farm tool. Instead, it was designed to defend against and break swords. Sai have been used by a number of fictional characters in recent years, both on... More »
Difficulty: Challenging
To use SAI, you have to choose the right size. Place the SAI in between your first finger and thumb. You have to be careful if you are a beginner. ?Ÿ?ÿTo get more information on this, visit:
A sai is typically used in martial arts as a tool to assist in self defense. This art is known to be taught in a Matayoshi Kobudo school. Keep in mind, it takes many years to master this particular weapon.
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