How do you use sai?


The Sai is an Okinawan weapon that is normally used in pairs. It is the only weapon used in karate that wasn't originally a farm tool. To know how to use a sai, go to:
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1. Grip the Sai properly. The ideal method of gripping your Sai is to wrap your four fingers around the handle, and to place your thumb at the top of the handle, at the spot where
One cool Asian martial arts weapon is the Sai. Traditionally credited to the Okinawans, some say that its roots can originally be traced to Indonesia or Malaysia. In popular culture
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How to Use Sai
Sai are Okinawan weapons used in pairs. It is the only weapon used in karate that wasn't originally a farm tool. Instead, it was designed to defend against and break swords. Sai have been used by a number of fictional characters in recent years, both on... More »
Difficulty: Challenging
To use SAI, you have to choose the right size. Place the SAI in between your first finger and thumb. You have to be careful if you are a beginner. ?Ÿ?ÿTo get more information on this, visit:
A sai is typically used in martial arts as a tool to assist in self defense. This art is known to be taught in a Matayoshi Kobudo school. Keep in mind, it takes many years to master this particular weapon.
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