How do you use tattoo guns?


To use a tattoo machine gun, hold the machine at a proper angle and grip it around the needle tube. Rest the palm of your arm on the surface of the skin swivel and turn the tattoo machine on the skin. Tilt the machine at a 45-degree angle and start making the design of your tattoo.
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1. Evaluate the tattoo design. Flat shader needles can be configured to be narrow or wide depending upon the number of needles which are soldered to the needle bar. Select shaders
1. Remove the safety guard from the tag gun needle. Be careful once the safety guard is removed, because the gun is extremely sharp. 2. Load the gun with the plastic strip cartridge
1. Set the air compressor at 120 lbs. In most cases, this is the maximum pressure allowable. Attach the air hose to both the air compressor and the nail gun. 2. To load nails, locate
1. Disassemble the weapon. 2. Place the metal components in a pan and rub Naval jelly (available at hardware stores) on the parts or cover with white vinegar to soak for one hour.
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How to Use Tattoo Guns
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