How to Use the Word Therefore in a Sentence?


The most popular example of the use of the word 'therefore' is the translated Descartes quote: 'I think, therefore I am.' Therefore is used to explain the logic to a previous statement. You have asked me a question, therefore I have provided an answer.
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therefore in a sentence
Even bad books are books and therefore sacred.
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I am allergic to dogs, therefore we are not getting one.
Example sentence: They are the entertainment of minds unfurnished with
You can use a word in a sentence by building a sentence around that word. That previous sentence was built around the words, "a word." So that first sentence used "
1. Review the sentence that precedes the one you want to write. Ensure that the sentence structure is sound and that you do not need to link it to the sentence you are going to write
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Therefore if you chose to stay up all night on a school night. The results will be you waking up looking like a zombie. Begging me to let you stay home yet from ...
The word therefore is considered an adverb. The definition of the word therefore is for that reason or cause. Using therefore in a sentence should be done with ...
Therefore is a conjunctive word used to connect to phrases that would typically require the use of a semi-colon. It is frequently used to show that the second ...
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