How do you use the word "therefore" in a sentence?


To use the word "therefore" in a sentence, the speaker can replace words such as "consequently" or "thus" in their speech. "I think, therefore I am" is a well-known example supplied by the philosopher Rene Descartes.

Therefore is an adverb meaning "for that reason," so it should be used to indicate causation. For example, "I am too sick to fly and, therefore, will not be able to make the trip." In writing, commas should be placed around the word "therefore" in most instances, although it is also acceptable to write "I am therefore unable to board the flight." A comma should be placed after "therefore" when it starts a sentence, as in "Therefore, I must miss my vacation."

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The most famous example is "I think therefore I am" "The brakes do not work, and therefore the car is unsafe to drive. "The shorter climb was untested and therefore
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therefore in a sentence
Even bad books are books and therefore sacred.
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