How to Value a Pub?


Valuation of any premises is usually financial. To value a pub, you should consider at least three main factors. These are the geographic location, the size and type of the premises and the current performance of the business.
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The Dove at Hammersmith. Good food, no silly prices.
By caravaningqueen on 25/01/09. 4 star(s) Wetherspoons Pubs are a well known British institution in the Great British Public House Sector of our history. Now with around 2,400
Plenty! You can go on and on about the CB1000R and there always will be much more to brag about the next time you and the blokes meet over a few chilled ones. The CB1000R engine is
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Wetherspoons' is a chain of pubs in the UK which recycles its waste by designing a waste reduction programme aimed at discovering the value in the recycling operations ...
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