How to Vent a Gas Furnace?


It is not always simple to vent a gas furnace. A lot of the rules for venting depend on the type of furnace, age of building, etc. A two-vent system is probably the safest system. The outside air is used for combustion for the furnace through one vent. A separate vent releases all gases from the flue. This is probably the safest type of system. You must make sure that your vents do not have leaks so gases cannot escape and air cannot enter. You can find more information here:
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1 Measure the distance from the vent outlet on the furnace to the chimney. Purchase the required length of galvanized duct from your local home improvement store. Purchase enough
The purpose of the vent on the furnace is to ventilate flue gases out side of the house.
It would help to know what type of furnace you are talking about. And are you talking about a fresh air intake or a combustion air intake?
If you are going to install an 80% furnace there is not a huge amou... You must be signed in to read this answer. Sign In with FacebookConnected to FacebookSign In with TwitterConnected
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Venting a gas furnace is important to keep the gases from coming back into the home. There are two types of vents, the first is a direct vent pipe which expels the gases directly into the atmosphere, typically used in older homes. The other type is standard pipes which is used for newer furnaces which are safer and meet regulations. You can find out more information here:
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