How to Ward off Evil Spirits?


There are many different cultural beliefs surrounding the warding of evil spirits. There are various different mythologies that hint at the existence and methods of warding. An example of this would be Japanese paper talismans, which are believed to prevent evil spirits from entering a building its placed upon.
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Trail cost nothing : Plant is considered to be holy according to the Hindu beliefs. It is said that if you keep a Tulsi plant at home then the evil cannot cause any disturbances.
Protection spell: The fire bites, the fire bites; Hogs-t- over it, Hogs-
Many burn sage, because it is supposed to clear the space of negative energies.
Smudge sticks can be purchased from a variety of locations. You can buy them over the internet , or at your local store which specializes in all things tie-dyed/Wiccan. They can be
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The Chinese Dragon is a mythical symbol that stands for happiness, immortality, procreation, fertility and activity. They were believed to ward off evil spirits. ...
Rangoli patterns are traditional Indian geometrical patterns that are normally used to ward off evil spirits. The patterns are usually drawn on the floor near ...
Gargoyles were used as educational devices for illiterate populations and were used to ward off evil spirits with their own grotesqueness. Gargoyles were often ...
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