How do you wash a chenille blanket?


A chenille blanket needs to be washing in the delicate cycle on your washing machine. Make sure not to over do the fabric softener or detergent as it could cause staining on the blanket.
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Pretreat any stains by gently rubbing a small amount of mild laundry detergent (Woolite, for example) into the stain. Allow this to sit for about a half hour or so. Fill your wash
1. Machine wash for a limited period of time; generally one to five minutes is suggested. Dissolve detergent in the suggested water temperature before placing the blanket in the washer
Cold water, delicate cycle in the washing machine, or by hand, and both with detergent made for delicate fabrics. The agitation of a regular wash will make it fall apart. No wringing
If you are concerned about the fringes becoming entangled with other things in the wash, it is best to use a mesh laundry bag. They are available at many stores quite inexpensively.
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You should always wash a chenille blanket with cold water on the gentle cycle in the washer. Also never dry it in the dryer as this will cause the blanket to unravel. Dry it flat or hang it over a clothesline.
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