How do you wash checks?


Washing check is an illegal act. It is done by taking a legitimate check and removing either the payee or the pay amount and putting on something different. It is done using chemicals such as bleach or nail polish remover. You can find more information here:
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1. Feel the check itself. The finish may feel uneven or softer than normal. Checks use high quality paper stock to meet new standards for electronic processing. Checks also have at
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The process of washing checks is very easy. There are two main processes. However, these are both illegal and can result in fines as well as jail time.
When criminals wash checks, they run a person's check through a solution of something like alcohol in order to remove the ink which has been added to the check.
Washing checks is possible using acetone. For research purposes only you simply apply the acetone to the parts of the check where you want ink removed with a tooth pick or something similar. Remember to only get it on the ink. You will need to dab those areas with a cloth until all the ink is gone. If you get any of the solvent anywhere else on the check the security features will show and you have a failed experiment.
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