How to Wash Chenille?


Let soak in warm detergent water for a couple of hours. For stains leave a bit longer, then rinse and air dry. Using a washing machine and dryer will do the job but the chenille will not last.
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1. Add the mild detergent to a bathtub or sink half-full of warm or cool water. Instructions on the detergent's packaging should indicate the amount of detergent required. Agitate
the comforter didn't come w/ a tag? It should say on it. I've washed mine on gentle in the washer w/ cool water & put it into the dryer for fluff on low heat. It has come out
To wash a chenille jumper in the washing machine without it shedding its fibres, tie it in a pillowcase and wash on delicate. - Wed, Mar 2nd 2005
Chenille throws are cosy blankets to place on the bed or couch for a chilly evening. Most noted for the soft texture of the fabric, these throws can be quite frustrating when it comes
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A chenille blanket needs to be washing in the delicate cycle on your washing machine. Make sure not to over do the fabric softener or detergent as it could cause ...
In order to wash a chenille throw, you must wash the item in the washing machine on its own on a delicate cycle. The only detergent that you should use is Woolite ...
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