How do I wash corduroy?


Since corduroy comes in a wide variety of colors and prints, Andrea Moore at Threads magazine suggests turning corduroy garments inside out before laundering in cold water to prevent fading and maintain bright colors. She also advises removing the garment from the dryer while it's still slightly damp, hanging it to dry, and straightening the seams to relax wrinkles.

Mary Marlowe Leverette at recommends buttoning or zipping garments before turning them inside out and laundering. Use warm water, regular detergent and a normal setting in the washer. Shake out the garments before placing them in the dryer, and use a permanent press setting. Like Moore, she recommends removing the garments while still slightly damp, smoothing the seams, pockets and shirt plackets, and hanging the garment to complete drying.

A gentle brushing can revive a flattened pile. This special care helps keep the pile from crushing or distorting. Steam the nap with an iron, or hang the garment in a steamy bathroom, allowing it to dry completely before wearing,to revive the nap. Brushing against the nap with another piece of corduroy fabric is another method of reviving the flattened pile. To prevent hanger marks on skirts and pants, sew seam-tape hanger loops into the waistband.

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1. Use either washing powder or liquid clothes washing detergent. It is best to wash corduroy separately from other clothes, especially clothes that leave lint, such as towels, flannelette
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When washing corduroy you will need to use warm water and regular detergent. Before drying make sure to shake out the corduroy garment, take it out before it ...
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