How do you wash football gloves?


Every person who plays the sport needs to know how to wash football gloves. Hand wash gloves in a sink using warm water, and a small amount of detergent. Rub soiled areas of the gloves or gently scrub them. Turn the gloves inside out to wash the insides of the gloves as well, then rinse and squeeze out excess water. Lay flat on towels to dry.
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1. Fill a sink with lukewarm water, then add a few drops of the glove wash and stir the water around with the scrub brush. 2. Put the gloves in the water/glove wash mixture, and wash
1. Take the gloves, and blow away any excess dirt if any. Wash 2 or more pairs together, try to retain some environmental responsibility. Ad. 2. Place the gloves in a pillowcase.
they just come right out of the football heavens and they are cool.
You are to wash them with cold water and use VERY LITTLE detergent.
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How to Wash Football Gloves
Football gloves need to be washed to preserve their stickiness and also to keep them clean. Football gloves will start to build up a strong odor after use, and washing them eliminates this odor and keeps your house from reeking. Most football gloves can... More »
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Keeping football gloves clean is essential for a player to have in order to maintain that sticky grip. The best way is to fill a sink half full with warm water ...
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