How do you wash rabbit fur?


When asked the question of how to wash rabbit fur the first thought that comes to mind is whether or not the rabbit fur still has the rest of the rabbit with it. If the rabbit fur is in the form of a hat or some other product of rabbit fur then it should be taken to a cleaner that knows how to clean fur. If it is truly a rabbit that needs a good washing then a non soaking sponge bath is all that is needed. Rabbits are pretty good at keeping themselves clean.
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1. Moisten a wash cloth or simply your hands with warm water. Make sure there is just enough water to get the rabbit's fur damp. 2. Rub your wash cloth or hands over the rabbit gently
I'm not sure rabbits actually "line their dens" with it, as you said, so much as they shed and it winds up in their dens. Females do, however, pull their hair when preparing
1 Brush your bunny's fur regularly. What "brushing" entails depends on what breed of rabbit you have. If you have a short-haired breed, you're in luck; you can simply run's-Fur-Clea...
Most rabbits need quite little maintenance on their fur but some breeds such an Angora rabbits need attention. Brushing their fur will help them keep up with moulting and not have
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How to Wash Rabbit Fur
Rabbits do not usually need you to clean their fur for them, because they clean themselves regularly. Putting your rabbit in a tub of water can cause the rabbit to panic or even go into shock. Water also eliminates the rabbit’s natural body oils,... More »
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Don't wash a rabbit unless they are very filthy. Rabbits are great at staying clean. Rabbits can actually go into shock if they are dunked into water. If you do have to wash it, use a gentle, baby shampoo and about an inch of water in a small tub. You can find more info at:
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