How Do You Get Vaseline out of Clothes?


To wash Vaseline out of clothes, scrap off excess Vaseline from the fabric as possible cautiously not to spread the stain further. Rub a small amount of hand dishwashing soap on the stain and rinse the stained area well, flushing away both the Vaseline and the soap. Pre-treat the stain with a laundry prewash stain remover and launder in the hottest water permitted for the fabric to completely remove the stain.
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1. Give your hands a rinse with warm water to remove surface dirt. 2. Coat your hands in standard Vaseline. The coat does not need to be terribly thick; it just needs to cover all
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1. Put the stained part of the clothing face down onto a thick stack of paper towels. Moisten a clean rag with dry cleaning solvent. Blot the backside of the stain with the rag and
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