How do you get Vaseline out of clothes?


According to Martha Stewart, Vaseline can be removed from clothing by scraping off excess petroleum jelly and pre-treating the garment with cornstarch and solvent-based laundry spray, followed by a regular wash cycle. It is important to let the cornstarch sit on the fabric for 10 to 15 minutes to ensure the oil is absorbed. The cornstarch should also be scraped off the garment prior to the application of solvent-based spray.

Vaseline can also be removed from clothing with oxygenated laundry powders that release oxygen when combined with water. To ensure proper stain removal, garments should first be pre-treated for 10 minutes with a mixture of oxygenated laundry powder and water, followed with a regular wash cycle.

Vaseline stains on carpeting and upholstery tend to be more difficult to remove, especially if the Vaseline has settled into the carpet fibers. The first step in removing Vaseline from carpeting is to blot the carpet with a paper towel to remove as much excess petroleum jelly as possible. The next step is to pour a mixture of liquid soap and warm water over the stain to blot up any excess moisture. The third step is to spray the area with dry cleaning solvent and blot again, followed by a warm water rinse and one final blot.

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