How to Wash Viscose Clothing.?


1. Use lukewarm water to hand wash the clothing in a mild non-bleach detergent. Be gentle and add as little water as possible. 2. Gently squeeze the garment dry. Do not wring it. Wringing it can cause it to permanent stretch out. 3. Place a towel on
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How to Wash Viscose
Viscose is a semi-synthetic material consisting of chemically treated natural fibers. You should always take viscose suits and jackets to a dry cleaner, to preserve their appearance and reduce shrinkage. Other items, such as blouses, may be washed at... More »
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refer process equipment design handbook.
Trust of water to clean,Don't use high levels of cleaning agents,can use neutral detergent and 30 degrees Celsius warm water, evenly mixed, immerse washing. With clear water and then
Viscose is the most common form of Rayon, and may become
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Viscose is a semi-synthetic material containing natural fibres that are treated with chemicals. Viscose can be machine washed inside out, at a maximum of 40?C ...
Viscose generally requires dry cleaning rather than washing. However, in some cases, viscose is made is such a way that it can allow gentle hand washing. The reason ...
Viscose is a close cousin to rayon. Hand wash it, very delicately, rinse it a lot and add some softener to the final rinse. Do not wring, twist or pull on it. ...
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