How to Wave Black Hair?


In order to wave black hair, simply wash your hair. From there, either do french braids or regular braids to your hair while it is still damp. Allow the braids to sit in your hair over night and then take them out.
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1. Wash and condition your hair, using a rinse-out conditioner. Squeeze the excess water out of your hair, and do not blow dry it. 2. Coat the surface of your damp hair completely-but
I think the easiest way to make your hair wavy is by washing your hair at night and towel drying it. After towel drying, you may need someone to help you braid your entire head in
I don't think it's all about pomade because people use all types of products to wave their hair. When using pomade to get waves it's all about "training" your hair. What
to achieve those runway famous waves you will need to style using pin curls or finger waves. Start with putting a good amount of gel in your hair then section hair into small subsections
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A person can make finger waves for black hair by first utilizing some conditioner. The surface of the damp hair must also be cut for proper finger waves black ...
After washing the hair use Murray's or Dew Dax hair grease. You can sleep in a wave cap or stocking cap. In the morning it will have waves. ...
Some black people get waves in their hair because of a line of wave products. This is most commonly seen in black males when they have a simple hair cut. ...
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