How to Get Waves With Straight Hair?


Putting waves in straight hair is fairly easy. You can put your wet hair in curlers overnight or you can put your dry hair in hot rollers.
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1 1 the night before you want your hair curly take a shower . 2 2 . make two buns on the sides of your head. twist the peices of hair around your finger and make a bun. spray with
1. Wash your hair use shampoo and conditioner designed for creating and maintaining curls. Towel dry the hair thoroughly. 2. Divide hair into sections. Smaller sections will create
The only way you can get 360 waves is if you have sort of curly hair, but if its just straight with no type of curl to it there will be no chance of you acquiring waves.
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Getting waves in straight hair is not hard at all. If you have a particularly hard time with irons do not use one. Get your hair wet and french braid it in a tight ...
The 360 hair waves are a very popular style especial among celebrities. To achieve this style you must cut your hair to the length of around 16mm-20mm. Have your ...
1. Apply a half-dollar-size drop of mousse to your hair. The mousse will add volume to your hair. 2. Plug your hot rollers in. If there is a heat control, turn ...
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